Contractual terms

Contractual terms

General contractual terms & conditions

Young ‘n’ Restless Productions sells products and services to private persons over 18 years old. We sell our products and services also under 18 year olds with the consent of a guardian.

Young ‘n’ Restless Productions reserves the right to modify these terms and conditions by a unilateral decision without prior notice. Terms are valid as they were when placing an order. New orders is always subject to the valid contractual terms that occur in Young ‘n’ Restless Production’s website

Changes in the exception to the law will come into force as soon as such, unless otherwise provided by law.

Young ‘n’ Restless Production’s contact information can be found at

Customer register maintained by Young ‘n’ Restless Production is confidential. Information is not passed on to other parties as specified in this Agreement.

The firm sales contract will take effect when the order has logged in to our system. Young ‘n’ Restless Production’ s responsibility for poor availability, government restrictions or import of the product is always limited to the cancellation of trade, and the possible return of the purchase price.

Consumer Trade Relationship to compliance with all current laws of consumer transactions and the related distance selling defined by Finland and European Union. These terms do not apply to the extent that they restrict the rights of the consumer of what is laid down in the Consumer Protection Act.

When the customer is reclaimg a mistake of the goods or returning the product provide proof of purchase, receipt or other verifiable way to prove that the product has been purchased from by the client at the time. We reserve the right to charge the costs of explorating a receipt from the buyer.

Prices and Products

The rates include VAT, but not transportation unless otherwise stated.

If product price increases or decreases before handling transmission products are delivered with the original price. If changes are made to the order, the price of a product is determined by what the price is at that moment.

If the price list has clear price errors, the product is not sold at a lower price, if it can be assumed that customer understood the error.

Age limits of the products are being followed as they are prescribed in the law. If you buy product that is ment for people over 18 years old you have to give your date of birth t Young ’n’ Restless Productions.

Products and services are always sold as they are. This means the trade of a discoiunt products. (Consumer Protection Act, Chapter 5, Section 14)

Ordering and cancellation of orders

The customer is obliged to hand over full contact information when placing the order. Contact information contains at least name, address and telephone number or email address from the consumer-customer.

Estimated delivery times stated on the website have been prepared on the basis of information provided by importers and manufacturers. We reserve the right to change the estimated delivery times without prior notice.

Young ‘n’ Restless Productions is not liable for supply disruptions caused by a third party.

If in the transaction is specially made for the purchaser’s request, ordered or modified commodity, the possible costs in connection with the cancellation are being charged from the customer.

Young ‘n’ Restless Productions is not obligated to reserve other products of the same order to the customer if the availability of one product is poor or the delivery is delayed for reasons beyond the control of Young ‘n’ Restless Productions. The consumer may alternatively accept either delayed post-delivery or withdraw the order. Post delivery postage will be charged normally. Products are being reserved for a maximum of 14 days, after which the order will be canceled unless the customer has consented to the second delivery in accordance with our terms.

The right to return and returning

In distance sales, the unused products are in accordance with Chapter 6. Of the Consumer Protection Act, 14 days money back guarantee. Its purpose is to provide the consumer with access to the product as it was possible on a store. Young ‘n’ Restless Productions grants to the customer a right to access to the contents of the package. Opening the product package must be done by obeying with the general caution.

Restrictions in the right to return in accordance with Chapter 6. § 16 of Consumer Protection Act: Hygiene and intimate products can not be returned after opening the package, because the product is non-refundable for sale by its very nature. Games, movies, software or other products in a sealed package can not be returned if the product sealing has been opened. Hygiene and intimate products include underwear, perfumes and headphones.

The product shall not be granted the right to return, if it is specially prepared, ordered or modified commodity of buyer’s request.

Returns and maintenance supplies in Finland are always delivered with Matkahuolto free customer return. Returns from outside are paid by the customer. Use package As a form of delivery because the letters have no tracking code. Returns must be made within 14 days of receipt of order.

Young ‘n’ Restless Productions’s free customer return is valid only in Finland. Customer shall pay all costs posted abroad, repayment and potential service delivery. The customer must contact the customer service before foreign refunds / service deliveries.

The customer is obliged to keep copies of the return documents. Parcel delivery tracking ID which you get from Matkahuolto (or if send from outside Finland we recommend FedEx) is the only way to prove that you’ve sent the package.

Service delivery must be accompanied by the return statement showing the drawbacks of the product.

Products should be packed carefully, so that the products are not damaged during transport. We recommend to always use the original packaging of the product, which the manufacturer has designed to transport your product safely.

Young ‘n’ Restless Productions is not responsible for damages of returns that has been packed with negligent and by not following the contractual terms. The costs caused by the customer’ s mistake is charged from the customer.

We reserve the right to charge the costs from the customer, if the returns have been made unduly or against the contract. Customer is being charged for shipping and handling costs in accordance with the price list

Unnecessary warranty return fee is 30 €

Warranty and Service

Warranty and service concerns mostly about the electronic devices. We reserve the right to verify the reported defects on the products. Testing is done while waiting, if possible. However, always prepare that the testing is gonna take ready 2-4 working days.

We guide our customers to contact the manufacturer or its authorized service center directly if that can be considered to be a benefit to the customer. The consumer also has the opportunity to deliver the product through us to repair service. The customer has to be aware that the service time is longer because of the time that the logictics takes when delivering the product to the repair service through us.

Maintenance Process aims to be handled in 4-7 business days. Some of the products have to be sent abroad to the repair service if Finland is not authorized by the manufacturer’s service. In this case, the estimated maintenance process is 10 to 20 working days.

Young ‘n’ Restless Productions is not responsible for any damage caused to the buyer’s actions. The right to inspect the characteristic and quality faults in the product will remain in Young ‘n’ Restless Productions also when the customer decides to cancel the buying of the purchashe.

We reserve the right to charge unfounded warranty service charges from the customer. Unfounded maintenance costs are any possible service company costs, handling costs and logistical costs.

We are not responsible for stored information on the digital media. Backup is in the responsibility of the buyer. The backup must be performed before each maintenance process. Rescueing files from a damaged device has an additional service fee.

Opening the device physically to modify the device ends the warranty and the error resbonsibility according to the Consumer Protection Act unless the manufacturer otherwise indicates.

Our service maintains the products for three (3) months after the notice sent to the customer about the service / job completion. The product is then recycled. (Act on the trader’s right to sell uncollected goods)